Personal Poetry Service

Have a poem written to surprise someone on your special day, event or occasion

The unique poems I write can be a gift or memento for a friend, wedding guest, family member, groomsman, bridesmaid... anyone you would like to have one written about/for.

They can take on several tones, happy, funny, thank you etc.

Each one is up to 5 short verses and printed using the Bradley hand Font  onto premium ice white card using black ink. Edged in black and mounted in silver glitter, the poem is complete with an embellished presentation box and ribbon in your theme colour.

The cost for this service is £30 per poem.

Below is an example, though each poem is quite different.

Although I treat each poem individually, there are some words and phrases common to a wedding theme that will be used on other poems. If you require more than 1 poem for your occasion, I will endeavour to avoid this.

  I will of course need as much information from you for me to do this.

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On the Occasion of the Wedding of

Charlotte to Max



Dear Emma,

A big heartfelt thank you I'm sending your way,

 Plus, loving past memories, on my special day.

Little sister, best playmate, my warrior, my friend,

Even though I'm now married, our mischief won't end!

Your work in the planning to make this great day,

Has not gone unnoticed, may I just say.

There's been tears and some tantrums, decisions galore,

You've helped me get through them, 

and oh so much more.

Ideas on dresses, and who to invite,

And I wouldn't listen, I thought I was right!

Colour's wrong! Design's wrong! my ear you would bend

You made me think carefully - Always right in the end!

Lime green and pistachio! who said they're in vogue?

You laughed 'til we cried out - you cute little rogue.

The assistant was courteous not looking our way,

Bet she'd wondered what numpties were shopping that day!

But today is the best day! I start married life,

We are Mr and Mrs, we are Husband and Wife.

But don't get too tearful, you'll still see me loads.

I'll still want your make-up and to borrow your clothes!


With Much Love,

Charlotte xxxx

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