Short Dress and Flat Shoes...what do you think?

I'm sure one of the most thought-through processes of wedding planning is the dress.

The future bride, together with close family and friends will visit many fayres and bridal boutiques to find her dream.

So where to start? There are so many options of shops, designers and styles but most brides tell me they know for sure when they have found the right one.

Recently it has been said, many are choosing a shorter dress for 2019 and there certainly are some beautiful ones about. Will this be your choice? Follow this link to read about the trend..

I'd love to know what you think.

Then there are the shoes. Will yours be killer heels, flats or somewhere in-between?

I also read an interesting piece here: about bides wearing flat shoes.

So much to do and so many choices to make!

Happy Wedding Planning!


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