Wedding Fayres...Yes or No? Ask the experts!

So, I thought I would ask the experts - brides, grooms, couples to be!

Standing at a wedding fayre as a supplier is lovely and a great chance to speak with some very excited, sometimes nervous and a bit overwhelmed couples-to-be-wed.

It is also quite expensive to stand, especially for small suppliers, so I would love to hear what you think.

Do you go just for a look around to get ideas then DIY?

Do you go with the intention of booking a supplier, whether on the day or at a later date?

Do you go to see the venue specifically?

Do you go for the free food and fiz! Lol!

Do you not go at all and use the internet, social media and shops to arrange everything?

I really would like you to give me some idea.

This image is from a much earlier wedding fayre. I show much more now.


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